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Expert Unemployment Representation

Receive the compensation you deserve when you utilize unemployment representation from the Law Office of Stephen J. Palopoli in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Attorney Palopoli has represented parties at several thousand unemployment compensation hearings throughout the eastern half of Pennsylvania for nearly 20 years.
His clients have included large retail companies, hospitals, and nursing homes. He has also helped state and local governments, colleges, banks, insurance companies, and manufacturing and warehouse facilities.
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Unemployment Representation

When an employer and employee part ways, the result can be costly and stressful to both parties. Unemployment compensation is not an automatic right for employees, and many of these cases are appealed to hearings before referees. Having representation at such a hearing can make the difference between the allowance and denial of unemployment benefits.
Unemployment hearings can involve cases of termination or voluntary quitting. There are a number of circumstances where employees who are fired, resign, or accept an early retirement package are still eligible for unemployment benefits. Whether you are an employer or a recently separated employee, you may have a good chance of winning such a hearing, especially with the help of experienced representation.

Let's Talk about Your Case

When you are unemployed or you are facing unemployment claims from former employees, we can help. Call us at (610) 391-8839 for a free telephone consultation regarding your case. If you decide to retain representation for a hearing, we handle most cases on a flat-fee basis, which is often far lower than typical attorney hourly rates.

Important Note:

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Unemployment cases involve short deadlines to act. In order to protect your rights, seek guidance as soon as you receive any notice involving benefits.
Contact us in Allentown, Pennsylvania, for unemployment representation or to discuss the details of your case.